The Armory Art Weeks in New York are considered to be one of the most important art events in the international art market. Every year in March, artists, art collectors, gallery owners and many celebrities meet in New York during these days. Andy Warhol was not  the only one who became famous in New York, New York is known worldwide for its illustrious community of artists.


The ARTBOX. GALLERY has very good contacts in the New York art scene, where the ARTBOX. PROJECT is supported widely. The good connections have made it possible for the ARTBOX.GALLERY to rent a very well-known and renowned gallery for two weeks during the Armory Art Weeks in the most important art district of New York. The gallery will be the perfect place for the presentation of the finalists, semi-finalists and all participants! The gallery has a large base of art buyers and is well established in the art community. It is located in the renowned Art Quartier Chelsea, at a prime location, among many other galleries and museums.

We are very proud to be able to execute the ARTBOX. PROJECT New York 1.0 from 5th of March - 17th of March,2018, in the two most important art weeks of New York!

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